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Unleash Your Magic

Take charge of your life by mastering the 4 areas of your psychology in this experiential course.

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Overcome Emotional Hijack

The fastest way to stop yourself from being hijacked by your emotions so that you can choose your response.

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Overcome Insomnia Now

In this course, you will learn how to overcome insomnia and start to sleep soundly starting tonight.

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Release Stress The Easy Way

Stress is the world's #1 silent killer. Learn how to release stress quickly with this 2 simple techniques.

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Setting Empowering Goals

You know goal setting is essential to your success. Now, this course makes it simple and fun to set goals that empower you!

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What You Can Learn Here

Tap into your subconscious mind and draw upon its wisdom to create lasting. Create goals that are meaningful, inspiring and clear.

The power to influence others with integrity. Become more persuasive by remaining true to yourself.  Skillfully tap into human psychology.

Communicate effectively and connect with others at a deeper level. Develop the confidence and skills to communicate in any situation.

Become more effective in helping others by empowering them to solve their own problems. Be equipped with powerful coaching skills.

What Members Say

I can highly recommend Luke and his academy. Each and every course he offers will bring you one step closer to becoming a more skilled professional and better human being. Just don't miss the opportunity to learn from him!

Thank you for your work, Luke!

Maria Paz Acchiardo

Senior Consultant & Mentor, Former Vice Mayor of Stockholm, Sweden

I was going through some personal dilemma when I met Luke. He is an awe-inspiring, passionate and patient teacher. After the course, I have achieved several breakthroughs and resolved my personal dilemma. I feel recharged, confident and have a more positive outlook towards everything in life.

Andrey Ho

Business Development Manager


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