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What Clients And Mentees Say About Working With Me

Ronia Fraser, an award winning Trauma Recovery Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist from England reached out for help in the area of her unconscious mental programming where relationships are concerned. Listen to what Ronia has to say.

Ann Osman, Malaysia's 1st female MMA professional fighter, seek my coaching to prepare her for her pre-fight weight cut and also increase her confidence in her business venture after she hangs up her gloves.

Joyner Duncan felt stuck in her life and also blamed herself for procrastinating. Today, she is en rout to completing her Masters in Science in Psychology and has new belief in herself.

Khairul Amri had an anxiety disorder which greatly impacted his life and career. Today, he is a qualified trainer who conducts training in the oil and gas industry internationally.

Bella Bahari is an ex-medical doctor who felt she was forced to study medicine. Because of that, she had some limiting beliefs about her own capabilities. After receiving coaching, she had renewed belief about herself and is now building a business with her husband. 

Marie Ang went through the darkest moments of her life, both personally and professionally. She reached out when she was on the verge of giving up. Today, she runs all the agency training in her company and also conducts public workshops and seminars that empower business owners.

Balkizz Sulaiman is a popular Instagram Influencer and also runs her signature social media marketing courses. She seek help for her unconscious self-sabotaging habits which have prevented her from success in the past. And after that, well as they say, the rest is history.

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