Welcome to Inner Work 中文组


恭喜你!您已成功报名Inner Work Transformation!很高兴与您合作,帮助您实现人生的转变。


1)Inner Work Transformation 培训 - 2天
2)一对一私人咨询 - 2节
3)小组辅导 - 每个月 1 次


采访将于2020年8月1日(星期六)在Permy的Love Home进行。请与Hazel Teo联系(+ 6019-357 9696)预约会议。每个采访将进行约20分钟。

时间从1:00 PM至5:30 PM。


再次欢迎您进入Inner Work Transformation。

Dear Student,

Congratulation! You have successfully enrolled in Inner Work Transformation! I'm very excited to work with you to help you achieve the transformation in your life.

My goal is to help you reach the next level of your life and business. During this 12 months working closely together, I will be supporting you in the following ways.

1) Inner Work Transformation training - 2 days
2) 1-to-1 private consultation - 2 sessions
3) Monthly Group Coaching - 12 times

The first step now is to have our first 1-to-1 interview for me to help you identify your UMP (Unconscious Mental Programming), otherwise known as your Patterns. 

The interview session has been confirmed on this coming Saturday 1 August 2020 at Love Home, Permy. Please liaise with Hazel Teo (+6019-357 9696) to book your session. The interview will last approximately 20 minutes. 

The available hours will be from 1:00PM to 5:30PM.

I look forward to speaking with you soon. 

Once again, welcome to Inner Work Transformation.

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