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Take charge of your life by mastering the 4 areas of your psychology in this experiential course. You will learn how to transform your STATE, reconnect with your VALUE, master your MIND and alter your PROGRAMMING by making gentle changes that create powerful and lasting transformation.

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Hijack by inferiority

Better understanding of own self, taking step to moving out of confort zone and believing i am the master to change myself for betternent

The 4 portals of magic

Very informative on mind programming. Positive thinking is indeed very important.


Thank you Luke for all the guidance and enlightening stories! It was truly an amazing experience. I balled my eyes out with sadness of the past as well as excitement for the future, inspired with a sense of resiliency. The 3 days program allowed me to begin shedding off burdens that i’ve attempted but was not entirely successful before – though i’m not saying this is the silver bullet, it takes constant practice to properly get out of years of regurgitation. But without a doubt, it is a powerful tool for our minds and heart. One of the most important thing I took away was that i could understand myself from a different light. I could sense the rekindling of my unconscious mind, myself again.

Excellent program

This programme is arrange nicely to deal with our daily problems, the answer is within us while the programme helps us to unleash it.


The process I’ve gone through is that I felt more calmness in my mind, body & spirit. My emotional state is more in controlled. So now I’m more at peace with myself.

Unleash Your Magic

Unleash the Magic Of Sara

A second chance in life!

A friend brought me in, thinking of mainly being supportive to her but ended up leaving by the end of the program with a lot of healing and moving forward for myself. I had not allowed myself to be extremely vulnerable until Mr. Luke’s UYM Program. It made me uncomfortable to be faced by so many trauma but it made me believe and love myself all the more grand.

Review of Unleash Your Magic

It allows me to learn through practical applications of the skills and managing my emotions.

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